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 Martinelli srl
Since 1982

Quality and punctuality you can count on.

At Martinelli srl, an Italian laboratory and Semplice Sc, a Romanian laboratory, we are proud of our work. Although our company has changed a lot over the years, attention to quality, detail and customers have always been the pillar of our companies.

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Who we are

Martinelli srl 

Since 1982

Our Italian laboratory takes care of sampling services and urgent productions.

Semplice Sc

Since 2000 

Our Romanian laboratory deals with large productions respecting even very short times.

The Processing

We at Martinelli srl carry out many processes thanks to a great experience of the staff and a vast range of sewing machines and cutting machinery. Take a look at our catalog below and contact us. 



Realization of dubbed and tubular. 


Processing of scarves of all kinds, from hem and fringe to spliz and peneri cut. 


Creation of classic ponchos, with hood and with pockets 

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