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Our catalogue

The assortment of Martinelli srl processes is not only of quality, but is also very varied to offer a service that can satisfy all the requests on the market. 

Hand machine hem 

We make hems by hand with machine closing corners by hand. 

Saucer and Platter rim

We make saucer hems for the most delicate garments and flat hems for heavier garments.


We make splitz cut, fringe cut, heat sealed cut and more.

Zigzag/Doll Hem and Thread Stopper

We make zigzag hems and thread clip garments 

Linear Seam 

We do many jobs with linear stitching.

Punto Cavallo 



Some examples of products 



We work scarves of all kinds, from hem and fringe to spliz and peneri cuts.



We make ponchos with a flat or flat hem on the neck, with a hood, with pockets and more.



We make tubular 3 seams and doubled 4 seams, diagonal and flat 

Scialle frangiato 4 lati


We knit shawls with a saucer edge, machine hand, fringe with and without thread clip and more.

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